During our bedtime ritual last night, my daughter asked me to explain courage to her.

I paused, reflected, and said that courage is feeling scared and still choosing to do the right thing.

I offered a couple of practical, universal examples:

Your friends are engaging in hurtful or harmful behavior – you’re afraid that if you don’t go along with them, that they will ridicule or reject you… but you know in your heart that what they’re doing is wrong.

Courage is feeling scared, and choosing to stand up for yourself; for others; for what is right… courage is saying No, I’m not going to be a part of this – even if this means you’re going to make fun of me or not want to be my friend anymore. A true friend wouldn’t act like this anyway.

Apologizing is another form of courage. It feels scary to admit that you’ve done wrong; it feels scary to approach the person that you hurt with your actions. Regardless of their reaction to your heartfelt apology, being brave and saying you’re sorry is the right thing to do… and it will heal and strengthen you.

Courage is connected with our values, and when we act from that place we deepen our sense of self-worth and build confidence and conviction.

Everytime we bravely choose to do the right thing, we feel and see that we are more powerful than our fear.

Courage is love in action.



She smells of coconut, lavender, mint.
She smells of sweet warmth –
I burrow in it, inhaling deeply.
Curls, flesh, contentment.
Her eyes are mirrors that reflect back to me,
Sparkling with love and joy.
Her little arm hooks around my neck;
We hold each other close,
Faint sprays of freckles like constellations
Adorning her smooth skin
So close to mine,
So close to me.
Rosebud kisses,
Again and again,
Each one a mark, a memory,
An imprint.
Whispers, giggles, secrets, dreams.
She takes my hand gently,
Fans out the fingers,
Solemnly kisses my palm –
Smiling, she places it on my heart
So her love is always with me,
In me.