Awash in golden light,
The world dazzles me with brilliance.

Crystal refractions of falling rain
Form a shimmering mist
And dance on the water.

Ripples and reflections;
Emeralds and buttery bright beams –
The world is bearing down on me
With a beauty that is ecstasy to behold.

Enraptured in the quaking stillness,
Aloft in the roaming behemoth clouds,
The tides are pulling,
The stars are blazing;
My soul follows course:
Within me and without me;
As above so below.



In the stillness of the space between breaths,
I radiate deeply –
Finding the heart of my home.

All this gentle energy
Absorbs and fills me,
Spilling out and up into the universe.

I am the wind and the rain,
I am sunrise and moonshadow,
I am glittering hidden rubies,
And the emerald leaves of tall trees.

I am the fire that surges within;
The explosion of our shared dream.



I have opened myself to you,
Tentative but trusting.
Come inside.
You will find the
The bruised ruins
Of ages past –
The marks left behind:
A fading, aching tattoo.
In this darkness,
Lives of long ago –
Pain and fear
Etched and eroded:
Love me here.



At the moment of conception:

And yet all will last forever.

Everything slows to a single vibration
Humming through the deepest center.

The wind is crisp and bright;
Rushing like my spirit astir.
And all throughout the eternal stillness,
Reflections shimmer in the quiet pool.

The light of heaven bares all of this to me –
Gentle and illuminating.

And just as it appears,
So it passes:

Such is the true reality.



Aching for freedom
From the confines of flesh.

The wind rushes and whistles and moans
Through the swaying trees.

The hawks float and dive and soar –

How I long to join them…
My chest pulls with the desire.

To be a shadow,
Borne on the breeze,
An inky rippling against
Crisp blue and dazzling white.

To be free.



She smells of coconut, lavender, mint.
She smells of sweet warmth –
I burrow in it, inhaling deeply.
Curls, flesh, contentment.
Her eyes are mirrors that reflect back to me,
Sparkling with love and joy.
Her little arm hooks around my neck;
We hold each other close,
Faint sprays of freckles like constellations
Adorning her smooth skin
So close to mine,
So close to me.
Rosebud kisses,
Again and again,
Each one a mark, a memory,
An imprint.
Whispers, giggles, secrets, dreams.
She takes my hand gently,
Fans out the fingers,
Solemnly kisses my palm –
Smiling, she places it on my heart
So her love is always with me,
In me.



Look at me.
Do you see pain, fresh and unreckoned?
And scars like veins running deep?
Do you see all the strain from the weight of
Bearing so much love and fear?
Entwined so they are in moments where
The threat of loss stabs cold and cruel,
The only salve: the sweet mercy of gratitude.
Do you see an undercurrent of wisdom
And a sparkling in the warmth?
Do you see the haunts of shadows
That sometimes cloud dark eyes?
Do you see the light that outshines them?
Love made manifest through courage and truth.
Do you see strength?
Do you see purpose?
Do you see flaws and countless failures?
Do you see humility
And a process ever-evolving?
Do you see me?



Spectre –
You have no power over me.

Illusion –
You hold no sway over me.

You are a mist;
Not a membrane.
You are fog;
Not foundation.

You are smoke,
You are ash,
You are dust;
You are nothing now.

Wraith –
Your echoes are drowning out.
Hollow and emptied
In the wake of my resounding truth.

Shadow –
You are transparent now.
Obliterated in the blinding light
Of my eternal truth.

Your claws are extracted,
Your thorns are removed,
Your poison is leached;
You are nothing now.

You have no power over me.



The indulgence of predawn solitude:
The wind rushing through dancing trees.
The caress of crisp-cool breezes
So delicious and sweet on my skin.
Shadows and hues of plums and midnight-blues
Give way to silver-tinged clouds and slow-warming gold.
A galaxy of ripples electrify the water’s surface –
A landscape alive and ever-evolving,
Painted by the wind.
It tickles and teases in gentle wisps
While gusting in symphony throughout the trees
And in waves of light upon the water.
See how the world awakens,
Responding to the rousing wind –
Conjured in the pull;
The ancient call.