I can feel a change coming –
It’s in the air.

A coolness that whispers
On my skin –
The most gentle of intimations.

Sweetly, sweetly
The breeze arouses –
It comes in delicate breaths.

I feel you,
I do –
A spirit so familiar.

Eternal cycles
Bring you home
Once more.

Morning Storm


The treetops sway fitfully,
Roused from their stillness.
Dark smudges brushing against bloated clouds,
An impenetrable white dome leaking the quicksilver
That prickles the lake in ghostly shimmers.
The rumbling growl of thunder,
The electric whipcrack snap of lightning,
The steady rush of silversteel rainfall.
Shrouded trees; swollen sky,
Bruising the rippled water.
A lone white form slices through the relentless torrent,
Braving flight in the cutting downpour.
A flash of brightness illuminating the gloom,
Perched on a slick-black tree
Jutting out of the disturbed water –



In the corner of my eye,
A flash suggestion of form –
Crossover from another world.

Shadowplay beguiles,
Teasing substance from spirit.

A spectral border shimmers,
And the silken whispers of the veil
Promise blood, madness, dreams.

I know you:
Glassy pools that capture light,
Refracting like a precious jewel.

I know you:
Corporeal apparition,
Hazy in the dusky ether.




The sky becomes velvet,
Glowing in blue and silver.

Moonlight radiates,
Illuminating the night.

Meet me in the emerald forest –
Fly on the wind that rushes through
The tallest trees.

Your song alight and soaring,
You float inside of me.

Hushed now,
The breeze our only whisper.

Dappled in starlight,
We connect



Lean into vulnerability.

Let love travel
All through you.

Revel in it.
Take comfort in it.
Keep it close in your heart
Like a precious seed
Taking root,
Glorious with radiant blooms.

Pay attention
To all the many moments
Of kindness, affection,
Joy, connection –
The is the core,

Love is always flowing
Betwixt open hearts.



Awash in golden light,
The world dazzles me with brilliance.

Crystal refractions of falling rain
Form a shimmering mist
And dance on the water.

Ripples and reflections;
Emeralds and buttery bright beams –
The world is bearing down on me
With a beauty that is ecstasy to behold.

Enraptured in the quaking stillness,
Aloft in the roaming behemoth clouds,
The tides are pulling,
The stars are blazing;
My soul follows course:
Within me and without me;
As above so below.



In the stillness of the space between breaths,
I radiate deeply –
Finding the heart of my home.

All this gentle energy
Absorbs and fills me,
Spilling out and up into the universe.

I am the wind and the rain,
I am sunrise and moonshadow,
I am glittering hidden rubies,
And the emerald leaves of tall trees.

I am the fire that surges within;
The explosion of our shared dream.