Another person’s choice not to love us (or their inability to love) does not mean that we’re unlovable.

Another person’s choice not to treat us with care, respect, and kindness (or their inability to do so) does not mean that we don’t deserve care, respect, and kindness.

Another person’s rejection or abandonment of us does not mean that we’re not enough or unworthy.

We are not defined by how others perceive or treat us. We are worthy and lovable, full stop – these qualities are inherent and inexorable.

It’s taken me decades to understand this, and I still have to reaffirm these facts when old wounds flare up. We heal and grow by giving ourselves the compassion, grace, and love that we deserve.

One thought on “Worthy

  1. This is so true, and yet often so challenging to take on board. We cling to the negative! When I think that I have let go of something from my past that caused pain or upset – something triggers the memory and the hurt and accompanying anger come flooding back.
    It’s comforting in a sense to know that we all experience this, and can help each other along the path.
    Mantra: let go, let go, let go…


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