International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, I’m reflecting on the years it took me to step into my power and the women who paved the way to help make that possible.

Many of us were raised to compare and compete, through the purview of being perceived as “enough” in the eyes of a materialistic, patriarchal society that prioritizes appearance and demands compliance.

I reject this.

We are allies, not enemies. Our authentic selves are acceptable and worthy just as we are. Autonomy of our minds, hearts, souls, and bodies is our natural-born right, and we deserve freedom, inclusion, and equity.

I’m so grateful for the mentors who embody this truth and inspire me with their example. I’m so grateful for my family and friends who have shown me the power of trust and support among women. I’m so grateful for my compassionate and caring daughter who is already a fierce advocate for independence and justice.

We’ve come far, and there is still a long way ahead. We’re stronger together, and we belong.

What do you think?

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