Walking Meditation

A common misconception about meditation is that you can only do it seated and still. But that is just one of many ways – you can practice mindfulness while gardening, playing a musical instrument, cycling, swimming, or cooking.

If you are paying attention to your breathing and the world around you, then you are meditating. If you are noticing your emotions and thoughts, observing them from a place of curiosity and non-judgment, then you are meditating. Simple as that.

My favorite method is walking meditation. I breathe slowly and deeply, delighting in the wind and the sun; the trees and the sky; all of the sights and sounds and sensations that nature offers. When I catch my mind wandering, I turn the attention back to my breath and then to my surroundings – awake, aware, alive.

Walking meditation is a path of connection.

What do you think?

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