Six Months

Memoir, Photography

Today marks six months since my family and I began quarantine, socially isolating at home to safeguard ourselves from COVID-19.

It still feels surreal to say that we are living in a global pandemic, with reality as we knew it transformed into the “new normal” to which we are still adjusting and acclimating.

My emotions and thoughts have ebbed and flowed between the extremes of anger, despair, lethargy and compassion, equanimity, hope. I’ve been holding up a mirror of clarity, taking an honest look at my ego-stories and their machinations; calling upon courage and vulnerability to heal, grow, and evolve in my mind and behavior.

Gratitude is an ongoing practice; a sacred ritual: in our conversations, at the dinner table, during bedtime, and in my journaling. Sometimes the intentional act of paying attention and giving thanks is the only moment of peace and joy in my day. It shifts my perspective from fear-fueled scarcity to awareness, humility, and gratitude for our privileges and blessings.

In addition to my beloved daughter and partner, our newly-adopted cat, and the ongoing support from our family and friends, this has kept me going:

Devouring books.

Creating music.

Writing poetry.

Sharing my story.

Honoring the magic and mystery of life through photography:

Half a year has passed and we don’t know how much longer we have to go – each day stretches laboriously, the months are blurred, and the beginning of this quarantine feels as far away as whenever it will end.

But I know that the way out is through… I will keep creating, keep giving thanks, and keep shining the light of love.

What do you think?

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