For Good


I am trying to regulate and process thoughts and reactions in the most healthy and helpful way possible.

Some of the emotions feel destructive – I want to channel them into something constructive.

What do I do with this anger, disgust, frustration?

What do I do with this fear, helplessness, hopelessness?

I feel like I’m on an island, looking out at a vast sea of apathy and selfishness.

Pandemic numbers continue to rise, including record-breaking highs here in Florida… and yet rather than choosing restraint, patience, compromise, consideration, and kindness, citizens and politicians continue to defy, deny, distract.

People are sick or dead because of those who choose comfort, ego, and immediate gratification over courage, rationale, safety, and compassion.

Where, when, how does this end?

I can’t let the anger fuel me.

I can’t let the fear consume me.

How can I use these emotions for good?

What do you think?

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