She smells of coconut, lavender, mint.
She smells of sweet warmth –
I burrow in it, inhaling deeply.
Curls, flesh, contentment.
Her eyes are mirrors that reflect back to me,
Sparkling with love and joy.
Her little arm hooks around my neck;
We hold each other close,
Faint sprays of freckles like constellations
Adorning her smooth skin
So close to mine,
So close to me.
Rosebud kisses,
Again and again,
Each one a mark, a memory,
An imprint.
Whispers, giggles, secrets, dreams.
She takes my hand gently,
Fans out the fingers,
Solemnly kisses my palm –
Smiling, she places it on my heart
So her love is always with me,
In me.

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