March 2020 | Recommended Reading



Soul Catcher | Frank Herbert

A chilling adventure that recounts the heartache, strife, and lore of indigenous people and their deep connection with the vividly detailed Pacific Northwest wilderness.


The Border Keeper | Kerstin Hall

A macabre and strangely beautiful mythic journey through physical and spiritual worlds, illustrating how love and loyalty transcend the bonds of flesh and time.


The Illness Lesson | Clare Beams

An enrapturing inhabiting of fear, desire, longing, and repression in the minds and bodies of 19th century girls and women.


The Lost Book Of Adana Moreau | Michael Zapata

An odyssey through time that explores the concept of parallel worlds and infinite possibilities while deftly tracing culture, family, and history through the power of storytelling and the connections that link us all.


When You Trap a Tiger | Tae Keller

A heartachingly beautiful tale about family, legacy, identity, and love, and how we are shaped and sustained by the soulful magic of storytelling.


Woven In Moonlight | Isabel Ibañez

Inspired by Bolivian culture and politics, this enchanting tale of magic and intrigue beautifully blends themes of courage, loyalty, pride, romance, and social justice.

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