A wind from another time,
A breath from a distant memory,
Stirs and enchants me.
Cradled in reverie,
I am throbbing in waves.
My eyes smolder heavylidded,
Searching for the dazzle and dim –
The dance of shadow and celestial.
My teeth grind unsatisfied,
Begging for the taste of saltgrit sea
And the quicksilver of sparkling streams.
My bones ache in their fleshprison,
Stretching toward the source of their hunger,
Longing deep in their ancient marrow to return;
To rejoin the earth;
To connect with the rambling root of underground
As the artery system of the world
Interweaves with my inner workings,
Mapping all of existence in this labyrinthine flow of life.

What do you think?

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